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Samstag, 28. März 2015

Luke March: Beyond Syriza and Podemos, other radical left parties are threatening to break into the mainstream of European politics

O"Even some of the larger, more established parties such as the German Die Linke and Dutch Socialist Party have struggled to increase their perspectives during the crisis. Gradual moderation to offer governing perspectives has often risked disappointing more radical supporters while failing to fully convince new voters and coalition partners that they mean business, while the business community itself often weighs in heavily against the radical left and their supposedly obsolete, 'extreme' or 'far left' policies. At the same time the radical right often benefits more than the radical left, mainly because they are more ideologically flexible than the left an can appropriate left-wing arguments (defence of the welfare state, protection of workers) while the left often struggles to come up with a popular response to right-wing arguments. Repugnant though anti-immigration sentiment is, it can be electorally dynamic in a way that international solidarity is not."