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Freitag, 16. August 2013 Bradley Manning’s humanity will stand out, irrespective of what sentence he gets - Telling people civilians are being killed seen as a bigger crime than killing civilians

“The next thing I saw was the little girl in the van. She had a stomach wound and she had glass in her eyes and in her hair . . . And the next thing I saw was the boy . . . And then the father in the driver’s seat slumped over on his side. I figured both of them were dead. “So, the first thing I did was grab the girl. I grabbed the medic . . . He runs the girl to the Bradley (tank). I went back outside to the van, and that’s when the boy took, like, a laboured, breath . . . I started screaming, ‘The boy’s alive! The boy’s alive!’ And I picked him up and started running with him over to the Bradley. He opened his eyes . . . I just kept telling him, ‘Don’t die, don’t die.’ Then I got yelled at by my platoon leader that I needed to stop trying to save these mother-f****** kids and go pull security.” The medic managed to get Sajad Mutashar (10) and his sister, Doaha (five), to hospital. Both survived. Their father, Saleh, did not.

Mein Blog befasst sich in einem umfassenden Sinn mit dem Verhältnis von Wissen, Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft. Ein besonderes Augenmerk richte ich dabei auf die Aktivitäten des Medien- und Dienstleistungskonzern Bertelsmann und der Bertelsmann Stiftung.